20140506_Yukon_Brewing_Products_GBP_016How could we survive the Yukon winters without a winter warmer? Well, I guess Yukoners have been doing it for many years before we showed up, but this Olde English Ale has to make the whole thing a little more bearable.

This brew is not for the faint of heart; it doesn’t leap out and bite you (most Lead Dogs are better trained than that), but it will most certainly sneak up and knock you for a loop if given the chance (this character might be more comparable to that of the Malamute and Husky!).

Brewed to be high test, 7% alcohol by volume, the beer nonetheless drinks very smooth; the product of a careful blend of six different malts, and 2 months of aging after fermentation. The dark chocolate appearance is reminiscent of a porter, and the slightly darkened creamy head tops the look. But the first sip lets you know that this beer can be consumed, in quantity if desired (or required?), without leading to an overly full gullet.

Intricate malt flavours predominate, with a medium mouth-feel and a very light bitter. This ale promises to take the chill off after running the team in the crisp January nights.


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Suggested food pairing:

Cuisine: Pan Asian

Cheese: Feta, Gouda, Asiago, Camembert,

General: Salad

Meat: Poultry


Yukon – 6 pack bottles

Alberta – 6 pack bottles

British Columbia – Limited Availability, ask your local private retailer to bring it in!


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