Yukon Brewing has been brewing beers since 1997, and these beers are available throughout western Canada. Of course, the best selection is always in our on-site store – drop by if you are in Whitehorse. And, if you are in Whitehorse, you can visit our tasting area, to try a flight of samples, or a full glass, of anything that we offer.

our main line up

On Tap In Our Tasting Room

RED IPA|7.2%

A strong amber ale with resiny citrus and pine hop flavors backed with a solid base of caramel and toasty malt flavors. The rye malt contributes a creamy spice aspect.


A fresh and unfiltered German-style lager with sweet malty flavour! This beer is not fully matured displaying some young, yeast derived notes. Sweet and spicy hops with a citrus twist.  




A Hazy IPA with a slightly tart punch of lemon, plus vanilla and lactose sugar. The aroma is citrusy and fresh. With an IBU of 35 the bitterness balances perfect with the sweet perception.


Light and bready with a bright coffee kick! This clean and easy drinking ale is light on the palate with subtle grain character and low bitterness. The coffee is easily recognizable in the nose, manifesting in lightly roasted, caramel and vanilla notes

2014 Lead Dog | 7.0%

Aged for 8 years and brewed to be high test at 7% alcohol by volume, the beer nonetheless drinks very smooth; the product of a careful blend of six different malts, and 2 months (+ 8 years) of aging after fermentation. The dark chocolate appearance is reminiscent of a porter, and the slightly darkened creamy head tops the look.


This vintage craft style IPA offers citrusy and piney hop aromas and comes with an IBU of 45. A resiny bitter swallow with a restraint malt character leads to a dry, clean and crisp finish.