Yukon Brewing has been brewing beers since 1997, and these beers are available throughout western Canada. Of course, the best selection is always in our on-site store – drop by if you are in Whitehorse. And, if you are in Whitehorse, you can visit our tasting area, to try a flight of samples, or a full glass, of anything that we offer.

our main line up

On Tap In Our Tasting Room


Inspired by our Swiss head brewer’s most recent trip home! This light bodied pilsner has slight bready and sweet notes to it with delicate spice, fruit and floral hop characteristics. 

Grapefruit radler | 3.0%

Sipping on a grapefruit Radler is like taking a refreshing stroll through a citrus grove while wearing beer goggles. With a low ABV of 3%, it’s easy drinking and the perfect blend of sweet and tart. Remember, it’s not a race to the bottom of the glass, but if it were, the finish line would taste like sunshine and good decisions.



pineapple sour with jalapeno | 5.0%

Tangy pineapple sweetness meets bold jalapeño heat for a dynamic flavor experience, evoking sunny beaches and tropical fruitiness with a refreshing kick.

JUICY IPA | 6.2%

A juicy IPA bursts with vibrant flavors of tropical fruits and citrus, balanced by a smooth and often hazy appearance, delivering a refreshing and thirst-quenching experience.


Conspiracy IPA is a bold and hop-forward India Pale Ale brewed with a secret blend of ingredients that tantalize the taste buds and keep you questioning what’s really in your glass.


A refreshing brew infused with the subtle sweetness of birch sap, delivering a crisp and unique taste of nature’s bounty in every sip.