Yukon Brewing has been brewing beers since 1997, and these beers are available throughout western Canada. Of course, the best selection is always in our on-site store – drop by if you are in Whitehorse. And, if you are in Whitehorse, you can visit our tasting area, to try a flight of samples, or a full glass, of anything that we offer.

our main line up

On Tap In Our Tasting Room

pumpkin spice ale | 6.7%

A medium to full-bodied amber-coloured ale with a creamy texture that comes from real pumpkin puree and oats. The perfectly balanced spice character is present throughout the drink and lingers long on the tail.

Black currant hoppy pale ale| 5.7%

This medium-bodied hoppy pale ale features the small addition of Black Currant juice. Together with Belma hops the result is a rich and complex berry tone to the beer.




A light bodied farmhouse ale with just a touch of tartness. Belgian yeast provides fruity and spicy characteristics, complimented by the additions of lemongrass, orange peel and juniper. A botanical delight!


A refreshing German wheat beer. Ripe banana and gentle clove notes make up the aroma with a subtle bread flavour following to round out the drink. A creamy mouthfeel and dry finish make this a crisp and thirst quenching pint!

Klondike birch sap ale | 5.5%

Clean, rich, toasty and bready malt flavour with restrained bitterness. Woody, with slight caramel and molasses notes from the birch sap – a unique Northern twist on a German lagered ale.

Rye ipa #010 | 6.4%

The smell has intense notes of stone fruit, citrus and tropical fruit. Fresh tropical and tangerine hop flavors hit the palate first, backed up by a smooth, lightly spicy rye malt body. 45 IBU.