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we started small – basically two guys on a canoe trip, with a big idea
. . . and a great home brew to fuel that idea!

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A strong, amber lager for long, cold nights πŸŒ™ Notes of chocolate and dark fruits, perfectly paired with winter ❄ #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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The latest and greatest, hoppiest and haziest 🍻 Brand new Hazy IPA is in store at the brewery now - so are these new Teku glasses πŸ‘€ Jam packed with tropical and citrusy Galaxy, Motueka & Citra hops! #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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We've been busy brewing up some holiday magic ✨ from December 1st to Christmas Eve, unwrap a new beer every day πŸŽ„ discover some new styles, or rediscover an old favourite, this calendar has a little bit of everything 🎁 Available in store only, in limited quantities #yukonbeer #yukoncheer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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The Sugar Shack Maple Amber is the epitome of maple syrup perfection 🍁 with malty goodness and sweet maple syrup, this golden amber is great for cozying up in colder months ❄ available in store, in cans & on tap #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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✨ Pilot beers don't always come out as imagined, the new Pomegranate Chai Wheat Ale is a little less ruby-hued than the marketing department anticipated. Luckily, we have rose colours glasses πŸ’—

Bright pomegranate and warm spices make a delicious beer perfect for winter ❄️ #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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Can you name a better duo than @twobrewerswhisky barrels and Yukon Brewing British style imperial stout? For lack of a better sentiment, this beer is aged to perfection ✨ rich and chocolately, smooth with slight notes of oak and vanilla from the barrel 🍫 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Stock your fridge with a new midnight snacking option 🍻 Our Midnight IPA is packed full of dark, chocolately malts and tropical, fruity hops creating flavours similar to chocolate covered berries or grilled peaches πŸ‘ so tasty, you may just find yourself reaching for something different in your fridge #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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The newest IPA recipe in our Unplugged series embraces the hops from down under πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Australian Enigma and Galaxy hops bring juicy notes of citrus, passionfruit and berries πŸ‹πŸ« So have a little mate date, load the esky and have a coldie 🍻 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Crunchy leaves and pumpkin brews, must be Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒ we're open regular hours Saturday and Sunday, but will be closed on Monday, October 9th πŸ‚ #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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🌟 Calling dark beer lovers of Manitoba 🌟 Lead Dog Olde English Ale is being sold in @manitobaliquormarts 🍻 2 months of aging makes this beer smoother than a freshly zambonied ice rink and the use of 6 malts makes it richer than Connor Hellebuyck 🍫 #sosmoothsorich #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Who's taking advantage of the last long weekend of the summer? Nights may be getting cooler but that's all the more reason to warm up around a campfire πŸ”₯

We're closed Monday, September 4th for Labour Day and returning to fall hours starting Tuesday πŸ‚ #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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🎣 Catch of the day: Lemongrass Belgian Wheat Ale

Light in body but not in flavour - additions of lemongrass, orange peel & juniper provide a refreshing botanical twist to this Belgian wheat ale 🌻
#yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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Hop on for the Rye πŸš€
Indulge in this fruity, earthy, citrusy IPA - backed by smooth & spicy rye malt. Here for a good time, not a long time 🍻
#yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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