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we started small – basically two guys on a canoe trip, with a big idea
. . . and a great home brew to fuel that idea!

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Cheers to the return of our beloved Klondike Birch Sap Ale 🍻 Uniquely northern birch sap is added to a classic German lagered ale to create this clean, rich, and toasty local favourite!

Available now at the Yukon Brewing store on Copper Road! #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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Beer in hand, adventure ahead ⛺ Who`s ready to make the most of their summer? #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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New look, same great taste! We`re excited to be rolling out new cardboard 4-pack toppers, with new 6-pack toppers to follow 🌱 Cheers to the change 🍻 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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A trip home has inspired our Swiss head brewer with our latest Unplugged beer! Meet the Landbier, a smooth, golden and crisp pilsner with delicate hopping for a hint of spice, fruit and floral notes 🍺 Inspired by Swiss-German brewing tradition and available now at the Yukon Brewing store 🍻 Prost! #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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We had brewers Michal and Jacob at the @yukonbrewersguild Local Caskival this past weekend 🍺 a fruity Pineapple Wheat Ale with the addition of haskap berries (courtesy of @yukonberryfarms) was our contribution this year!

Big thanks to @woodcuttersblanket for hosting and to everyone who came out to try our real ales! #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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Back by popular demand! Our Pineapple Sour with Jalapeño is back and ready to add some sizzle to your summer ☀️ Brewed with pineapple puree, jalapeños, chili peppers and a pinch of cinnamon, it`s bringing that sweet heat with a touch of tartness 🍍

Available now at Yukon Brewing! #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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Hoppy, hazy, and oh-so-juicy! The newest IPA recipe is bursting with fruity and tropical citra, mosaic and sabro hops 🥭 An aroma full of tropical fruits, plus hints of citrusy tangerine, gives way to a full body and soft, mouthwateringly juicy sensation - the embodiment of biting into a fresh, juicy, ripe mango!

Available now in cans at Yukon Brewing #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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Warning: Our newest beer may cause sudden cravings for a hammock and a beach view ☀️ Packed with pineapple, guava and mango juices, this Tropical Smoothie Sour is the perfect balance between sweet and tart 🍍🥭 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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🙌 Appreciation Post 🙌

We just wanted to take moment to shine a light on our friends over at @yukonberryfarms who enable us to use locally grown Haskap berries in our brews 🍻 A huge thanks to them for helping us show that when you put good stuff in, you get good stuff out! #thankfulthursday #yukonbeer

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Zesty, fruity and refreshing! The new Haskap & Lime Lager is light & easy-drinking with just a hint of sweetness from haskap juice and a tart lime touch ☀️ No rose coloured glasses necessary to see this brew`s pink colour! #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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They say it takes two to Tango 💃 the Tango Pale Ale will have you dancing with delight! Crisp and refreshing with just a shuffle of citrus from Tango hops. An easy drinker for easy days ☀️ #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Another new IPA drop with the Cryo Juicy IPA 🍺 Cryogenic hop processing provides all the fruitiness we crave in IPAs and leaves behind the harsh bitterness that can come along 🥭🍋 Intensely tropical and citrusy with a pillowy texture and mouthwatering finish - plus, a very mellow 5.5% 🤘 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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You`ve tried an HDHC IPA...
You`ve tried an Imperial IPA...
You`ve tried a Juicy IPA...

Bursting with fruitiness, boasting a soft, creamy texture, and weighing in at 8.5% ABV.... with the catchiest name around.... THE HDHC IMPERIAL JUICY IPA!!!
Available now at the Yukon Brewing store in cans and on tap! #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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