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we started small – basically two guys on a canoe trip, with a big idea
. . . and a great home brew to fuel that idea!

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🌟 Calling dark beer lovers of Manitoba 🌟 Lead Dog Olde English Ale is being sold in @manitobaliquormarts 🍻 2 months of aging makes this beer smoother than a freshly zambonied ice rink and the use of 6 malts makes it richer than Connor Hellebuyck 🍫 #sosmoothsorich #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Who's taking advantage of the last long weekend of the summer? Nights may be getting cooler but that's all the more reason to warm up around a campfire πŸ”₯

We're closed Monday, September 4th for Labour Day and returning to fall hours starting Tuesday πŸ‚ #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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🎣 Catch of the day: Lemongrass Belgian Wheat Ale

Light in body but not in flavour - additions of lemongrass, orange peel & juniper provide a refreshing botanical twist to this Belgian wheat ale 🌻
#yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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Hop on for the Rye πŸš€
Indulge in this fruity, earthy, citrusy IPA - backed by smooth & spicy rye malt. Here for a good time, not a long time 🍻
#yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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Soaking up the last weeks of summer just chillin' and grillin' β›ΊοΈπŸŒ­
πŸ“Έ @oliviagracemedia_
#yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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Sunset sipping the new Black Currant Hoppy Pale Ale β˜€οΈ super fruity Belma Hops compliment the tart black currant addition 🍻 refreshing with bright berry tones, plus, it's pink πŸŽ€ #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Grapefruit makes this new beer pretty rad(ler) πŸ™ƒ citrusy & refreshing with just a touch of sweetness, perfect for aprΓ¨s activities β˜€οΈ #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Crafted with care and brewed with birch sap 🍁 this yearly seasonal has returned courtesy of Uncle Berwyn πŸ‘ Birch sap is what makes this brew extra special, producing lovely caramel and molasses notes, and like the sap itself, the beer will only be here for a limited time 🍺 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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While we're not giving it away for free, we do still have some Tangerine & Guava sparkling ale! 🍻 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Raise a glass to a change in point of view, because life is too short for stale perspectives and warm beer 🍻 killer shot from @johnnyferg19 πŸ“Έ #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Follow your passion(fruit margarita sour) 🏝 It will take you un-beer-lievable places 🍻
πŸ“Έ by @roxanne.coralie #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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We've been getting pretty experimental lately so we're going back to basics with a Hefeweizen 🌾 A refreshing German wheat beer with ripe banana and gently clove notes, plus a bready finish 🍞 A traditional style that has stood the test of time and taste buds alike 🍻 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor
#hefeweizenbeer #hefeweizens #germanwheatbeer #unfilteredbeer #craftbeerlove #craftbeer #canadiancraftbeer #canadiancraftbeers #yukonbrewingunplugged

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Some great options for the May long weekend β˜€οΈ And... in case you happen to run out, we are open Monday, May 22 from 11AM to 6PM 🍻 #unofficialsummerkickoff #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Summer is here so we're bringing the heat πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Our new Pineapple Sour with JalapeΓ±o is a little bit sour and a little bit sweet 🍍 A touch of tingly heat from jalapeΓ±os and cinnamon will leave you wanting more 🌢 A great addition for camping, BBQing or a lake day 🍻 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Forever searching for perfect mountain alignment πŸ—» our new(ish) Double IPA did pretty good here but the search will continue 🧐 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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