Yukon Brewing opened its doors in 1997 under the name Chilkoot Brewing Co. Ltd. Owners Alan and Bob conceived their idea like many Yukon babies – around a campfire on a canoe trip. Both Ontario natives, they’ve lived and worked in the Territory for a majority of their adult lives.

From that inaugural conversation grew plans for a craft brewery that would service the north with quality beer & spirits while keeping jobs and money in the territory.
Over a decade later Yukon Brewing, as it is called today, continues to work towards that goal. Employing a dozen or so staff (more in the busy summer months), Yukon Brewing actively supports countless Yukon events and causes each year.

Bob and Alan continue as owners and chief operators, growing the company outside the Yukon. The brewery’s 10 packaged beers are available across Alberta and BC with some finding their way as far east as Manitoba and even, on occasion, shipping internationally .

Company mission statement:

We commit to be progressive and authentic with our products and craft, while being active and engaged pioneers within our business community. Our successes will be achieved only by treating all people in and around our business with concern and respect. We understand the Yukon is a special place and we undertake to honour and appreciate that uniqueness.

Company Values:

People Matter

Treat people in and around our business with concern and respect.


Drive progress in our products, our industry and our business community. Don’t be afraid to be first.


Circulate good will. Do our part to strengthen and support our communities.


Remain genuine in everything we do.

Keep it fun

Enough said.