Find our Beer


The Alberta Liquor Guide ( is the best way to find our beer in Alberta. It can tell you where our beer is by town or postal code. It just takes a minute and you can be on your way to enjoying great beer!

British Columbia

Our Brews can be found at high-end private retailers across the province. If you’re in a liquor store and can’t find our beer, please ask – retailers can bring in many of our products at no extra cost to them or you!

Northwest Territories

Selections of our beers can be found in liquor stores in both Yellowknife and Inuvik. Availability of beers are dependant upon demand, so if you are looking for something specific, feel free to request it – they may be able to get in just what you are craving!


Our beer is found across the territory in bars and restaurants, at off-sales, and in the six government liquor stores (Whitehorse, Watson Lake, Dawson, Haines Junction, Faro, and Mayo).


We have started sending select beer and spirits which you can find online here! SAQ