Stranded Sun Radler Tall Can

Stranded Sun Radler

Style: Lemon Lavender Radler

Alcohol/Vol: 3.0%

The word radler comes from the German word for cyclist. There are a number of stories about how that morphed into a beer name (no doubt one of them is true… we just don’t know which one). Suffice it to say that the beer is a mix of beer and carbonated lemonade, making it light and ridiculously refreshing. It was our desire to add a twist of flavour and aroma to that concoction, and after some trial and error, settled on lavender. While the lavender is subtle (which it should be, after all) it pairs excellently with the lemon.

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Suggested Food Pairings

Cuisine: brisket, ribs, quite frankly anything off the barbecue

Stranded Sun Radler Tall Can

Available in:

  • 12 pack bottles
  • 4 pack tall cans