Dear Sponsorship Seekers:

We try to support as many things as possible and this page is full of information to help get things started. Below you’ll find a contact form, before that you’ll see an outline of the information we typically look for when evaluating a sponsorship. Please fill out the form including as much of the information as possible and it will send an e-mail directly to us.

We try hard to address any request as quickly as possible, the more information the better!

How to Submit a Request for Sponsorship

STEP ONE – Give us the info

Start with these:

  • Contact phone number
  • Mailing Address

Then add the who, what, where, when and why:

  • What the event/group/cause is all about
  • When is the event/meeting etc. ( Day & Time)
  • Who is it for – general age of those attending
  • How many people is it for – 10, 100 or 10 000 people?
  • Where is the event/meeting/cause going to happen.

STEP TWO – Determine what you’d like from us

Often people or groups will ask for our support and not specify what they need. It’s tough for us to help if we don’t know what’s needed. The more detail here the better. We can’t always give what’s needed but we will try where possible.

STEP THREE – Make the Pitch!

This is the part when you really sell us, tell us why what you’re doing is awesome. Also, if you are going to use our logo on something or be included in advertising, reciprocate with something for us etc. this is the place to explain all what that would look like.

Then Submit it!

If in the Yukon email Heather at

Outside of the Yukon email Jasmine at