Fall must be here. We know that not because of the calendar, and not because of the snow on the mountains . . . we know it’s Fall because Peter Peter Pumpkin Beer is now on our growler system!

The golds, reds, and ambers of fall are mimicked in the vivid hue of this ale. But its the flavours that really differentiate this unique beer. We add pureed pumpkin into the mash, then follow that up with molasses, Demerara sugar, cinnamon sticks (whole, but broken into bits with a food processor on brewing day), pureed ginger, crushed whole nutmeg, and whole cloves into the brew kettle. Believe it when we say, everyone in the brewery knows it is Pumpkin Beer day from the aromas wafting through the building.

We love this time of year, as friends and family reacquaint after the long lazy days of summer. For the gang here at the brewery, Peter Peter Pumpkin beer is a key element to that process. Try some now – last year it was gone by Halloween . . . Scary!