…this might just be it. And just to make sure you have enough winter fuel, we called it Yukon Crude. Now, with the variety of stouts out there – from American, to Foreign Extra, to Sweet, to Russian Imperial – you might ponder, “What exactly is Yukon Crude”? Yukon Crude falls into the category of Dry Stout, although the alcohol content is most definitely (!) at the high end of the range. We used a bit of oatmeal for body building (yes, beer requires body building, too), but not nearly enough to be an Oatmeal Stout. True to the style, we used a portion of roasted, unmalted barley, which accounts for a good deal of the dryness. The use of Chocolate and Black malts delivers a secondary note of cocoa, which lasts into the finish. The word that best describes this beer, we think, is sumptuous. Makes -40 a bit more tolerable. Get it in a growler, that is if your vehicle is still running.