esbBack in the days of the Klondike Gold Rush, every self-respecting miner would carry a small sack attached somewhere to his person, in which he carried his gold. Now, we say ‘he’ and ‘his’ not because there were no females about during that time. There most definitely were – however, by and large they were too busy mining the miners in Dawson City to be out on the claims. Trying to get their hands on every bloke’s poke, we suppose.

Our latest arrival on the growlers is our Bloke’s Poke Extra Special Bitter, or ESB. ¬†Brewed with plenty of malt, including a healthy dose of biscuit malt for added complexity, this beer has body galore. Hopped with Millenium, EK Golding, and Cascade hops, and dry-hopped with a bit more EK Golding, we end up with a really pleasant combination of UK and American influences. Check it out today, on the growlers, at the brewery. And it will be found at select draught locations in Alberta in the weeks to come, so watch for it