Core Spirits

Gin is currently the only full time spirit we produce, other than whisky. We perfected our recipe through years of producing Concept gins – more products will likely follow in the future.

Small Batch | 750 mL. | 42% alc./vol. 

Artisan Gin

No artificial flavours or Colours

Produced & Bottled in Whitehorse, Yukon

Our Artisan Gin is distilled in the Yukon and features a signature blend of botanicals. Over several years, we have refined the recipe which has resulted in an exceptionally smooth gin with a bold flavour profile. Juniper envelops the palate with bright highlights of citrus derived from lemon and orange zest. A subtle earthy spice on the finish establishes a well-balanced gin that is perfectly suited for a crisp winter evening or a beautiful summer day under the midnight sun.