The Concepts line was created as a platform for experimentation and innovation, and as a means to share those meticulously crafted and often one-off recipes with the local community. Concepts releases are created in small batches and don’t typically follow a release schedule because the recipes are largely dependent on locally sourced ingredients. Yukon Brewing has released a number of spirits under the Concepts line, such as the Spruce Tip Gin, Cranberry Haskap Liqueur & Grappa to name a few. Yukon Brewing has recently released their very first coolers, a vodka-based Sparkling Haskap Lemonade and Gin with house-made tonic.


Vodka Beverage / Boisson à La Vodka



Made with Real Fruit Juice. Natural sediment may occur.

  • Effervescent & Bright
  • Tart, Sweet & Fruity
  • Gluten Free
  • 355ML / 6% Alcohol 


Small Batch | 500 mL. | 55% alc./vol. 

Yukon Berry Eau de Vie

No artificial flavours or Colours – All Natural.

Produced & Bottled in Whitehorse, Yukon

This Yukon berry eau de vie uses berry pulp remaining from our brandy fermentation and liqueur pressings. All locally grown, the fruit delivers distinctive berry notes from the first scent to the lingering finish. One-of-a-kind spirit, fragrant and surprisingly easy on the palate, served high-proof in old-world style.

Yukon Berry Eau de Vie
Small Batch | 500 mL. | 42% alc./vol.

New Growth Artisan Gin

No artificial flavours or Colours

Produced & Bottled in Whitehorse, Yukon

Each spring the forest and fauna’s new growth energizes the Yukon. Alder and willow branches sprout sunward, even through the yard’s snow covered banks. Sage’s fresh scents from exposed meadow hillsides, spruce tips announcing summer’s warm (ever hopeful…) arrival. This is a bold gin, deeply run with coriander’s citrusy tones used to balance the earthy depth captured from all these spring buds, the flavours of the season’s new growth.

Small Batch | 500 mL. | 25% alc./vol.

Coffee Raspberry Liqueur

No artificial flavours or Colours – All Natural.

Produced & Bottled in Whitehorse, Yukon

Crafted with Atlin Mountain Coffee Roasters’ Aurora coffee beans, this spirit is evidence that a coffee liqueur need not be tooth-numbingly sweet. Freshly roasted beans are transformed into a velvety cold brew that’s combined with a touch of natural raspberry juice and sweeteners, all designed to accentuate the coffee’s own flavours while balancing its bitterness. Fortified and enriched with pure distilled spirit, this is a liqueur made to be enjoyed morning, noon or night.

Yukon Berry Eau de Vie