longest nightWe get to that time of the year in the Yukon where the almost endless days of summer start to change in a big hurry. In July, the days are getting darker, but not really at a speed that you notice. By the equinox in September, however, the days are shortening at a frantic pace, a few minutes a day. Seems right about now, as we get into the last third of August, you can notice it. At my house, we were even talking about how we might have to walk the dogs a bit earlier soon, as darkness is closing in. Makes the porcupines harder to spot – and it is definitely a good idea to see the porcupines before the dogs see the porcupines.

But I digress…

This post is all about the longest night in December. That is still 4 months away, but watching the days shorten makes us think about it, just a little bit. Seems like the right time to bring back Longest Night, our Cascadian Dark Ale. The beer just got onto the growler system at the brewery, but this year we are graduating the beer from elementary school to high school.  It will be available full time, in bottles, in our Dark Side Mixed Six Pack, along with Lead Dog Ale and Midnight Sun Espresso Stout.

As you might imagine from the name, Longest Night Cascadian Dark Ale is brewed with plenty of plenty of Cascade hops, both during the brew and in a final dry hop. But the signature hop might just be the Glacier hops we use. We think that Glacier hops are an amazing creature – they were released by Washington State University 14 years ago. They are made up of 9 different hop varietals – a true hybrid. And the flavours that this hop brings are truly as complex as their lineage.

So, Cascade hops plus Glacier hops plus some Millenium and Sterling to boot, plus six different malts…this beer is full of layers. Of course a full roasty body, plus a bouquet of hop aroma, flavours, and balanced bitterness. Come and try some today, 6.0% abv, rich, smooth, and soon to be in the Dark Side Six Pack.