belgian gothic saison

We all have seen that famous Grant Wood painting of American Gothic, with the two folks standing in front of the farmhouse with the funky window. The two people in the painting are meant to be dad and his spinster daughter. Bet you didn’t know that the models for the piece were the artist’s sister and their dentist.

Well, when decided to brew up a Saison, also known as a Belgian Farmhouse Ale, we decided to use our own model. And, we thought, who better than our own resident Belgian here at the brewery, Pascal. That is him, kind of, in the picture. Now, Pascal is a pretty jovial fellow, so we took the scowl off of the lady’s face when she glances Pascal’s way. Hence, took the American Gothic and created our own Belgian Gothic.
But enough about the art, how about the beer. A Saison was traditionally brewed in Belgium in the fall or winter for the consumption of the farm workers the following summer. The ‘saisonnieres’, or seasonal workers, were allowed 5 litres per day, just to keep that pesky thirst away.
Our version is a wee bit spicy (we use cracked peppercorns in the brewing), a wee bit fruity (we hand peeled oranges and grapefruits, then pounded up the fruit and put the whole messy affair into the kettle), and definitely thirst quenching. We are not necessarily recommending 5 litres per day, but you might be tempted.
Available in Alberta as our current Brewers ADD Series beer, and here at the brewery on the growler system.