Yukon Red

Amber Ale

When we were designing our flagship brands, we knew we would not please everybody, so we went for diversity; our Yukon Red is substantially different from our Yukon Gold. But what has surprised us most is that our local Yukoners have taken both of our flagship brands to heart (and to dinner, and to parties…) and drank almost equivalent quantities of each! This speaks volumes for the apparent consumer cravings for beers with flavour, and Yukon Red is all about flavour.

The drink starts with by displaying a deep bronze colour, but the beer is crystal clear. The head is an abundant fine mousse (pronounced ‘moose’ for the cabin crowd), cream coloured and just spilling over the rim of the glass (if you got the good waitress, Yukon trained and all). As you raise the mug, your senses catch the fine aromas permeating from the glass, clean malty sweetness touched by spicy hop esters.

The first draw of the ale cools the parched lips and moistens the cheeks. Full malt body takes over the palate; not sweet, but bold, fruity and persistent. A snap of clean hop bitter grabs the back of the tongue and springs into the sinus cavity, blending with the caramel flavours that have wafted back with the nectar that is this ale. But the swallow goes down clean, almost dry, and leaves only a slight lingering presence of the abundant flavours that were just there, and now gone!

Many more draws on the mug, many more mouth-filling flavour experiences, and always that clean finish, saying “How about another?!!”.

Can you tell that this is the head brewers favourite? All you expect in a true ale, and as arresting as the Spell of the Yukon.

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  • Wide Range – great with Spicy Foods


  • Blue, cheddar


  • Poultry, Beef, Seafood


  • In kegs on tap, 6 and 12 bottles, and 6 and 12 cans


  • 6 pack bottles & on tap at some bars

British Columbia: 

  • 6 pack bottles