Yukon Holiday

Style: Lager

Alcohol/Vol: 5.0%

“Yukon Holiday” started its days like most of our pilots do; on the growler bar. Its debut appearance was in the spring of 2014, along with its sister beer “Grizzly.”

Like a lager, Yukon Holiday is constructed as an ale, but fermented long and cool. The result is a beer that is light in mouthfeel and crisp in flavour, but with hints of fruity esters.

Sometimes when beers step into the spotlight, they make a splash, and sometimes they don’t.
In Yukon Holiday’s case, the beer on the growler bar was comparable to a Dawson City flapper can-caning centre stage. It was simply a hit!
The beer was so popular, that in 2015 it moved into packaging and secured a spot in Yukon Brewing’s Core Line-up. Yukon Holiday was here to stay!

With the German style Kolsch dancing away in the spotlight for years, it was time to give the beer a much-needed facelift.
In 2020, Yukon Artist Kathy Piwowar stepped in, and her artwork would soon be chosen to grace the can.
Her bright and striking piece featuring Yukon’s landscapes, wildlife, and outdoor activities spoke perfectly to the beer’s traits. “A Yukon Holiday, for most people, is a never to be forgotten experience in a wilderness that is simply unavailable elsewhere.”

Suggested Food Pairings

Cuisine: Eastern European dishes (German, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish) and/or light fresh salads, pizzas, breads, root vegetables, eggs
Cheese: Jack cheese, sharp cheddar, or French Comte (made from unpasteurized cow’s milk in a region of Eastern France) is creamy and peppery, pairing perfectly with the peppery, floral hops in a Kolsch
Meat: Sausages, hot-dogs, bacon, grilled chicken and fish, shellfish

Available in:

  • 4 and 24 pack tall cans


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