Grizzly Wheat Ale

Style: Unfiltered Wheat Ale

Alcohol/Vol: 4.6%

Grizzly, a long time seasonal favourite, has now been inducted into the Yukon Brewing hall of fame. Hall of famers enjoy permanent status within the core line-up of beers meaning you will never be without this, your favourite brew. Grizzly is an unfiltered wheat ale with natural notes of citrus and a well rounded mouthfeel. A slice of orange is an excellent addition when enjoying this any-time light bodied ale.

Grizzly now has a fresh new face. Artist Gorellaume was commissioned to create a stunning piece of art to be transformed into the label. Gorellaume is a French artist who moved to Whitehorse 3 years ago. He graduated from art school in Strasbourg, and earned his teaching certification in Paris, where he worked for 10 years as an art teacher. Being an active participant in the «street art» scene he is known for large murals, postering and stenciling, ink drawing, but also watercolor and bone carving. His work is held in private collection in France, Belgium, Netherland, Switzerland, Japan, USA and Canada.

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Suggested Food Pairings

Cuisine: Wide range – great with Salads
Cheese: Chevre, Fresh Mozzarella
Meat: Fish, Sliced Turkey, Ham

Available in:

  • 4 and 24 pack tall cans