Grizzly Wheat Ale Tall Can

Grizzly Wheat Ale

Style: Unfiltered Wheat Ale

Alcohol/Vol: 4.6%

Grizzly, a long time seasonal favourite, has now been inducted into the Yukon Brewing hall of fame. Hall of famers enjoy permanent status within the core line-up of beers meaning you will never be without this, your favourite brew. Grizzly is an unfiltered wheat ale with natural notes of citrus and a well rounded mouthfeel. A slice of orange is an excellent addition when enjoying this any-time light bodied ale.

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Suggested Food Pairings

Cuisine: Wide range – great with Salads
Cheese: Chevre, Fresh Mozzarella
Meat: Fish, Sliced Turkey, Ham

Grizzly Wheat Ale Tall Can

Available in:

  • 12 pack bottles
  • 4 pack tall cans
  • Bottle Thirst Aid Kit Mix 12 Pack
  • Tall can Thirst Aid Kit Mix 8 Pack