Black Currant Dark Ale

Black Currant Dark Ale

Style: Toasty & Layered with Berries

Alcohol/Vol: 5%

The opening act for this beer is a powerful punch of black currant, a complex berry that is both sweet and tart all at once. This quickly morphs into a blossoming of chocolate and coffee notes that backfill the berry flavours. It takes a swallow or two for your palate to adjust to the layers of flavour in this beer. But, once it does, you will be surprised by the labyrinth of flavour notes.


Cuisine: Game dishes, robust red meat, chocolate dessert
Cheese: Gruyere, old cheddar, goat cheese

Black Currant Dark Ale

Available in:

  • 4 pack tall cans
  • Tall can Dark Side Mix 8 Pack