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we started small – basically two guys on a canoe trip, with a big idea
. . . and a great home brew to fuel that idea!

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What is your go to on a snow day? ❄️ Embrace it with something smooth and smokey? πŸ”₯ Complete denial with something fruity and tropical, reminiscent of vacation mode? πŸ– Or somewhere in the middle with something fruity and dark? No matter where you stand, we've got you covered 🍻 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Hitting up the Yukon's coolest ODR with the coldest Cold IPA ❄️ #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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The brand new Black Currant Radler is here to bring a pop of colour to our winter days ❄️ a little tart, a smidge chocolatey, and a whole lot of deliciousness 🍻 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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The sun is shining, and still up at the end of the work day β˜€οΈ bears may or may not be coming out of hibernation 🐻 it appears February has decided to get a jump start on spring and we are here for it! 🍻 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Our new Belgian Tripel is like a love triangle between spice, citrus and banana, but without the drama and with way more deliciousness ❀️ It's light, slightly sweet and effervescent with floral hop character 🌸 Transport yourself to the heart of Belgian beer-making tradition with this golden strong ale 🍻 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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Our first new beer of 2023, the bright & fun Citrus-y Wheat 😎 a light bodied wheat ale that's citrusy and fresh, no juice added πŸ‹πŸŠa very light kettle sour is the technique you're tasting in this thirst quenching brew 🍻#yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor
#craftbeerlife #craftbeertime #craftbeercans #craftbeerpics #yukonbrewingunplugged #Unplugged #wheatalebeer #wheatales #independentbrewery #independentbreweries #yukonbrewersguild

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Cheers to the new year! We took a short break over the holidays so unwind and regroup, and play a bunch of board games, but now... Our brewers are back and busy coming up with new Unplugged beers for 2023 🍻 while we always have our faithful lineup of full-time brews, you can expect a plethora of new styles and unmatched creativity for the next 12 months! #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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The all new smoked porter πŸ”₯ bringing dark malt tones of chocolate and toffee, rounded out by a light sweetness. The smoke is faint in the aroma but builds with every sip, a wonderful winter beer to get you through those frosty nights ❄️ #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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The 2022 Alkan Air Grand Ball is starting which means the @northwestel Festival of Trees is wrapping up tonight in Whitehorse πŸŽ„ We want to thank everyone who contributed to this year's amazing and beautiful @yukonstruct tree πŸ‘ Huge thanks to Meadow Lakes Golf Course, @skyhighwildernessranch, @lumelstudios, @yukonarts, @yukonbornandraised, @earlswhitehorse, @bostonpizzawhitehorse, @wildandnorthco, Steven McGovern Comedy, @eclipsehotsprings, @whitehorsecurlingclub, @neighbourlynorth, Whiskey Jacks Pub & Grill & @twobrewerswhisky for making donations to this year's tree πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Let's raise some money for the @yukonhospitalfoundation !! ...

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We've got new merch to help keep your beer from freezing, even though you might be... πŸ₯Ά these double wall insulated can coolers will keep your beer cold in the summer, but not too cold in the winter 🍻 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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The last 3❗️of our hand-made Yukon Brewing advent calendars are available in the store!

So if buying a nice advent season treat is on your list, come by and grab one before they are all gone!

Each calendar contains 23 libations, a non-drink surprise and a sneak peak to a brand new beer, never before made and not yet in store!
#yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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Did someone say advent calendar? πŸ—“ Well, we have 24 hand-made Yukon Brewing advent calendars available in our store πŸŽ„ each calendar contains 23 libations, a non-drink surprise and a sneak peak to a brand new beer, never before made and not yet in store!

You can also follow along on Instagram for information on each drink as its day in the calendar comes (don't worry, we'll talk about each drink the day after so there's no spoilers) #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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This new Lemon Meringue IPA is brewed to pie-fection πŸ₯§ leading with a citrusy & fresh aroma, this IPA is ever so slightly tart πŸ‹ lemony flavour backed by sweetness and a bitterness to balance that sweet perception. The addition of lactose and vanilla creates a smooth, meringue-esque finish to this IPA #YukonBeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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This year's barrel-aged British style imperial stout is featuring... πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯ COFFEE & VANILLA!!! These stouts are rich and luscious, sweet and bitter all at the same time β˜•οΈ coming in at a whopping 9.5% but so smooth you'll forget they're that strong πŸ’ͺ best to be careful with these babies and remember, sharing is caring 🍻 #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor ...

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It's the return of the Wildberry Brandy kicking off the holiday season early ✨️ black currants, raspberries & saskatoon berries marry in the berry wine creating the base for this decadent brandy. 100% locally grown, harvested, fermented, distilled, barreled, aged, blended & bottled ❀️ a truly Yukon spirit #yukonbeer #yukonbrandy ...

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Happy Halloween! Our store has started to fill up with spirits... πŸ‘» we've brought back new iterations of the Yukon Berry Eau De Vie, Spruce Tip Gin & Barrel-Aged Gin!

The Eau De Vie comes in 500mL bottles and sits at 58% ABV while the Spruce Tip Gin & Barrel-Aged Gin both come in adorable 375mL bottles and are 42% and 43% ABV respectively. The new 375mL bottle are perfect for expanding horizons and trying something new ✨️ #yukonbeer #beerworthfreezinfor

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