A favourite in Bombers is back at the Brewery for the Holidays. As an Imperial Red, “You Only Live Once”, it is part of our Imperial Bond Series,

Yukon Red has been around since the very beginning of our brewery, and has won its fair share of awards. So we thought, “what if we made it bigger?”

And Bigger it is. It’s built much like the Yukon Red in terms of the malt bill and hopping except more-so. More malt and more hops, means more body and higher alcohol, and a ton of that characteristic from Yukon Red flavour equals a Yukon Red on Steroids. It has almost 60% more grain per litre of beer, and nearly double the hops, including a dry-hopping that the Yukon Red does not get. Why? You Only Live Once #YOLO

Available in 650 ml Bombers in the brewery and around the Yukon and Alberta.