30andahalfWhen the Yukon Grain Farm let us know that had 120 kilos of hand-picked black currants, and did we think we might want some…we hesitated for about ½ a second before saying ‘hell yes, we want some’.  We used some for a Black Currant IPA back in 2014, but — at that time — could not source the local berries, and imported some from Vancouver. The local berries pack so much more flavour and punch, that we knew we had to go there again.

We knew that the hops would be critical to complement the sweet-tart black currant flavours. Our brew team went with mosaic, galaxy, and belma hops, looking to align with the berry notes.

And boy, did they succeed. This version is, quite simply, an awesome balance of malted barley and wheat, black currants, and the hops. Rest assured that is will go quickly, so come and get some while the getting is good. Available at the brewery in growlers, and in the Yukon, BC and Alberta in 650 ml bombers.

And, if you don’t get the name, you best bone up on your Grinch and Dr. Seuss!